For the elaboration of our wines we use 100% of our own grapes from Finca Libertad and Finca La Encerrada.

In this way we can ensure our own style and homogeneity, through the knowledge of the terroir and a rigorous process of quality control.

The grapes are manually harvested and transported to the winery in small 20 kg plastic boxes. The harvest time of each variety and for each style of wine is determined by tasting the grape, a purely sensorial method performed by Federico and his team.

Upon reaching the winery the grape temperature is controlled, and if necessary, the boxes are stored in a cold chamber, and then passed to the two manual selection tables that will help to discard any leaves and grape seed unfit for our wines

After passing the two selection tables the grapes go directly to the concrete tanks, where the fermentation and maceration processes will begin.

Firstly, a cold maceration process is carried out to enhance the primary aromas of the vine.

To begin the alcoholic fermentation, the temperature is raised to an average of 24º C / 75º F and selected yeasts are added. Then in parallel, the traditional maceration is developed for a period of two to four weeks depending on the type of wine being produced.