The winery is in Luján de Cuyo, Province of Mendoza, 20 minutes from the city of Mendoza.

The building is one of the few relics of old Mendoza, built in 1901 by the Governor of Mendoza, Agustín Álvarez.

Federico Benegas Lynch bought this winery in 1999, undertaking an arduous five-year restoration project to preserve the original design with adobe walls.

In the production area there are 80 concrete tanks of between 2,000 and 20,000 liters. The total capacity is 800,000 liters, although currently only part of this is being used with the aim of reaching full capacity in the future.

The underground cellar is 8 meters deep with stone walls. Humidity is maintained at 60% to 70% and the temperature varies slowly from 13º C in winter to 17º C in summer in a natural manner so that the atmosphere is not ionized.

The storage capacity of 225-liter barrels is 1,200 units. Currently there are 350 barrels and every year more are incorporated, always of French oak.

Also, old underground concrete tanks were remodeled and today provide the space for stowing 120,000 bottles, allowing for the proper evolution of the wine prior to being sent to market.